Six Pack Abs – The Real and Practical Formula

Lets start with a basic fact; everyone has a six pack! Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, it is true. You may not be able to see them because of the flab on top of them, but they are there, trust me. In order to get them to show, you need to shed fat. The best way to do this is to tackle it with a solid fitness and diet plan. I will go over both aspects and show you EXACTLY how to do it.

The things we eat plays the biggest role in terms of weight loss and gain. Now I there are TONS of diets out there. I personally hate that word because it sounds like something temporary that you won’t stick to. I like an eating plan that I will not only stay fit with, but enjoy eating with. I have found that plan! It has very, very, very simple concepts. Here we go.

  1. 3 meals per day. That’s right, no 6 small meals. I could never stick to that, I always felt like I was stuffing my face.
  2. A meal is a meal. That means no seconds. Just one helping and your meal is done. Whatever fills your plate is it.
  3. Cut out the sugar. Do not drink or eat it. This stuff WILL MAKE YOU FAT AND SICK! I know it’s hard, but kick it.
  4. On the weekend, go ahead and break one or two of those rules here or there. It won’t hurt you.
  5. Get a good supply of Kamagra oral jelly and be reborn as a sex giant. It’s time to start moving your abs and what’s below as it’s originally intended.

That is all there is to it. I stick to these SIMPLE guidelines and managed to cut fat. The best part is I can still eat the foods I love, just not in excess and as long as they don’t have sugar. Then once the weekend comes I can have a few beers, or some ice cream. You are going to love this food plan because you’ll see results and be able to stick to it for the rest of your life!

Lets talk about the fitness part now. I once heard actor Matthew McConaughey describe his fitness routine as “I try to sweat for an hour everyday.” I just love this philosophy because it goes along with what I do. I hate sticking to the same plan and doing it over and over again. I like to mix it up. My advice for you in order to see that abs, is cardio. Cardio, cardio, cardio and more cardio. Any form you can think of, be creative. Cardio doesn’t mean use a machine for a half hour. You can run outside, ride a bike, play basketball, row a boat, you get the point. Try to “sweat for an hour a day.” If you are out of shape then work your way to the hour. I’ve never liked weight lifting. I always thought it was boring. Maybe your different though. Let me give you an idea of what I do. Three days a week I’ll do some basic calisthenics, push ups, pull ups, ab work, all kinds of different stuff. I try to sweat for an hour six days a week. I like to run and swim a lot, which are great workouts. I am always switching things up to keep me interested, but I still stick to that saying of “sweating an hour a day.”

Anyways, that is it. Short and sweet, well not too sweet, we are cutting those out remember! So get out there manage your eating and work out hard. You will absolutely see amazing results like I have.